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ERASysBio Workshop - European Standards for PhD Training in Systems Biology

7th March 2009, Alpbach, Austria

Interdisciplinary scientists are in demand and a new approach to education is needed at all levels. Developing new strategies to interdisciplinary training is vitally important in preparing the next generation of scientists seeking to apply systems approaches to biological research.

The workshop was focused on one of the key steps in the training of systems biologists: the PhD curriculum. It represented a first step into exploring the key elements that will bring the European diversity of PhD curricula up to speed and generate the potential for a standard curriculum agreed by all interested parties.

ERASysBio believes that the future of systems biology in the ERA is the responsibility of all - scientific community, academic institutions, industry, funding organisations - and is committed to encourage all to get involved and work together. The workshop was a collaborative effort of ERASysBio and FEBSSysBio2009, the advanced lecture course of the Federation of the European Biochemical Societies, and attracted the participation of a wide spectrum of expertises and nationalities.

As a general outcome, it was agreed that the existing structures within the European research community offer an excellent opportunity to develop a common, structured, modular model of postgraduate training in systems biology for the benefit of the students and the academic institutions in the European Research Area.

The workshop programme: Programme.

The workshop report: Report.