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SOPs in Systems Biology - Tutorial

The standardisation of data is a prerequisite for the consolidation of systems biology. Confidence in the quality of data that are being generated and the models derived from these data can develop only if the standards originate from a community effort. Data standards can be adopted in the form of Standard Operation Procedures (SOPs).The Systems Biology scene is united in the general consensus that the community needs to join forces in the adoption of SOPs.
SOPs are an integral part of the ERASysBio summer school programme. This Tutorial was produced with the aim to offer the community an overview on the benefits of using SOPs in Systems Biology.

ERASysBio Introduction

Systems biology aims at understanding the dynamic interactions between components of a living system, between living systems and their interaction with the environment. This ambitious, long-term goal can only be achieved in multi-component integrated programmes, bringing together experts across diverse research fields. The ERASysBio network unites 16 ministries and funding agencies from 13 countries in the European Research Area to contribute to achieving this ambitious goal, to coordinate their national research programmes in systems biology and to agree on a common European strategic agenda.

ERASysBio Data Management

Data collection and data integration needs to make progress quickly. The standardisation of data is, however, a prerequisite to data integration and data sharing in systems biology. ERASysBio funding organisations recognise their role in this field, and are committed to encourage the adoption of data standards, data management and sharing best practices in systems biology across the European Research Area.

ERASysBio Summer School 2008

The first data management summer school brought together 26 postdoctoral researchers from academic institutions in the following ERASysBio partner countries: Austria, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Slovenia, Spain and United Kingdom. The sessions were designed to provide an introduction on the tools and methods available. Participants were equipped with a step-by-step guidance to exchange and share their data, and provided with an overview of the range of systems and tools available on the internet, all with free access. The summer school was an roaring success - watch the video to find out why!

ERASysBio Summer School 2009

The second summer school brought together 24 postdoctoral researchers from academic institutions in Austria, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, and United Kingdom. The programme incorporated the topic communication between experimentalists and modellers. The video fully captures the spirit of the discussions held during the summer school and the great enthusiasm of all participants, including the experts, for sharing their science and for understanding each other.



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