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WP 9
Exploring training and education needs of the community
Workpackage Leader: Gabriela Pastori, BBSRC, UK

ERASysBio’s agreed European agenda for systems biology is presented in its white paper ‘Systems Biology in the European Research Area’. The paper sets up a number of recommendations and joint activities to contribute to the consolidation of this research area in the ERA. A significant part of this paper reflects ERASysBio’s commitment to optimising education and training in systems biology in the context of the network of systems biology infrastructures and through encouraging the adoption of data standards, data management and sharing best practices across the ERA.

WP9 aims to provide a forum for programme managers, policy makers, scientific experts, science educators, and industrialists to explore together new approaches to training and education in systems biology. The forum will consist of a series of activities contributing to the discussion of proposals for MSc and PhD programmes; to the identification of training requirements of postdoctoral and established researchers; to raising awareness of the urgent need to adopt data standards, data management and sharing best practices in the ERA; to providing knowledge on the current tools, methods, practices, models, challenges and solutions in the management of data in systems biology.