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Information on SB Activities on European Level 
European Funding initiatives for Systems Biology 
SB Centres, Institutes, Networks and Initiatives in Europe 
Working Groups active in Systems Biology 
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Training Systems Biology 
Seasonal Schools, Workshops, Symposia in Systems Biology 
Meetings and conferences 
16-19 October, Milan, Italy, "SysbioHealth Symposium 2007" 
15-17 October, Boston, USA, "International symposium in bioinformatics and bioengineering" IEEE: 
2-5 October 2007, Trento, Italy, "Biology without borders: 
1-6 October 2007, Long Beach, California, "International conference on sytems biology " ICSB: 
1-6 October 2007, Dresden, "European Conference on Complex Systems 2007" (ECCS"07): 
20-21 September 2007, Edinburgh, "computational methods in system biology" CMSD, (co-located events: 
16-19 September 2007, Edinburgh: 4th International Conference on the Quantitative Evaluation of SysTems (QEST) 2007: 
9-12 September 2007, Stuttgart, "Fondation in System Biology in engineering" FOSBE 2007: 
23-27 August 2008, Goteborg, Sweden: 9th International Conference on Systems Biology (ICSB-2008), Goteborg Convention Centre: 
21-25 July 2007, Vienna, ISMB / ECCB: 
16-18 July 2007, Turin, Satellite meeting on "Statistical Physics and Biological Information" (Statphys conference): 
24-27 June 2007, ETH Zurich, Synthetic Biology 3.0, Switzerland: 
17-21 June 2007, Bled, Slovenia: 15th International Conference on Cytochromes P450 - Biochemistry, Biophysics, Functional Genomics: 
4-21 June 2007, Goteborg, Sweden, "International course in yeast SB": 
2-4 May 2007, Julich, Germany, "From computational biophysics to SB": 
22-23 April 2007, Seattle, USA, "SB and the environment": 
29 March- 1 April 2007, "SB global regulation of gene expression" CSH laboratory: 
22-27 March 2007, "SB and regulatory networks": 
SBH symposium:  
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