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Information on SB Activities on European Level 
European Funding initiatives for Systems Biology 
ESBIC-D - European Systems Biology Initiative combating complex diseases: http://ESBIC-D/index_html/ 
Agron-omics - Arabidopsis GROwth Network integrating OMICS technologies: 
ESF, Policy Briefing N°25 -Systems Biology: a Grand Challenge for Europe- 10/2005: 
AMPKIN - Systems biology of the AMP-activated protein kinase, Europe: 
BaSysBio - Systems Biology Initiative for understanding the basic principles that control complex bacterial cell activities, Europe: 
DIAMONDS - Dedicated Integration And Modelling Of Novel Data and prior knowledge to enable Systems biology, Europe: 
Symbionic Support Action, Europe: 
SysMO (Pilot call of the ERASysBio Programme), Europe: 
NucSys, Europe: 
Yeast Systems Biology Network (YSBN), Europe: 
GENNETEC - GENetic NETworks: Emergence and Complexity, Europe: 
Systems Biology and Bioinformatics Finland: 
Research Units Systems Biology (FORSYS), Germany: 
Computational Systems Biology of Cell Signalling (COSBICS), Germany: 
Systems Biology of Hepatocytes (HEPATOSYS), Germany: 
Israeli Industry Center for R&D, Israel: 
SystemsX, Switzerland: 
Genes to cognition programme - framework for studying genes, the brain and behaviour in an integrated manner, United Kingdom /international:
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Databases and Resources 
Training Systems Biology 
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