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Networking of research activities carried out at national level in the field of systems biology (SB) is the core of ERASysBio. Within an ambitious integration process, the synchronization and mutual opening of national SB programmes will foster the implementation of a transnational funding initiative. ERASysBio is structured in 6 workpackages (WP). The WPs 1 - 5 and 7 - 9 comprise exclusively the coordination activities for programme networking, whereas WP 6 accomodates the coordination and management activities at consortium level foreseen to implement the coordination of WP 1 - 5.

Workpackage Content
WP 1 Status-quo of national programmes and/or programme parts
WP 2 European Research Agenda for Systems Biology (2005-2008)
WP 3 Legal and contractual frame-work for transnational activities
WP 4 Transnational mobility and public engagement in systems biology
WP 5 Implementing a transnational SB research programme via joint call(s)
WP 6 Consortium Management
WP 7 Networking European SystemsBiology Centres
WP 8 Synthetic biology
WP 9 Exploring training and education needs of the community

The overall methodology involves all four steps/levels of cooperation and coordination proposed by the European:

  1. Systematic exchange of information and best practice
  2. Strategic activities
  3. Implementation of joint activities
  4. Transnational research activities