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WP 3
Workpackage title: Legal and contractual framework for transnational activities
Workpackage leader: Nakita Vodjani, ANR, FR

The main aim of this work package is to provide the partners with a strong, commonly accepted contractual framework and a joint funding scheme with agreement on all implementation and administration matters.

Legal and administrative barriers that hinder cooperation will be identified and suggestions put forward to remove them. Thus, the transnational coordination of the partner programmes will be clearly structured, strengthened, and firmly rooted by means of joint background documents and contractual agreements. Specific transnational arrangements for Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and innovation issues will be made if required.

A joint evaluation process containing guidelines with generally accepted criteria, checklists and software tools will be defined and suitable performance indicators will be outlined in order to periodically survey the financial investments made and the scientific and technological outcomes of transnational activities. The outcomes will be assessed in terms of operable data on e.g. patents, publications, trained persons joint use of infrastructures.

Networking will be encouraged through virtual working groups of national programme managers and administrators familiar with legal, contractual, and financial issues. In addition, a transnational task force of programme managers from the different funding bodies will be set up and be responsible for executing transnational activities as described in WP 5.