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Workpackage title: European Research Agenda for Systems Biology (2005-2008)
Workpackage leader: Frans Martens, NWO, NL

The primary objective of this workpackage and of ERASysBio is to set a European Agenda for Systems Biology, defining topics of common interest and potential for future collaboration.

Two strategically oriented, high-level expert meetings are now laying the foundations of joint and transnational activities. Concrete topics of common interest and ideas for potential future cooperation and new research demands/opportunities in Systems Biology are being identified, taking important horizontal aspects into consideration e.g. underlying innovation strategies, standardisation issues, data management, training, public-private-partnership and international cooperation into account.

Based on the outcome of these two strategic meetings, ERASysBio is now formulating and publishing a European Research Agenda for Systems Biology. A ‘feedback loop’ will ensure that a broad input from the scientific community is integrated when outlining the final agenda.