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Status-quo of national programmes and/or programme parts
Workpackage leader: Sirpa Nuotio, AKA, FI

The main aim of this workpackage is to collect and exchange well-structured information between the partners and to provide a strong knowledge basis to the joint and transnational activities in the frame of the European Research Area for Systems Biology (ERASysBio) and beyond.

Information will be collected, both at programme level i.e. general background information, Research & Development (R&D) priorities and at individual project level, i.e. lists of running projects, national R&D key players.

At the appropriate time the information will be made accessible through a dynamic web portal that will provide all relevant links and information on ongoing Systems Biology related research in the partner countries (reserved domains and

Based on the information gathered, ERASysBio will elaborate on best practice. Special attention will be paid to the different experiences and all issues of programme implementation, e.g. evaluation system, management approaches.