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ERASysBio Summer School ? Data Management for Systems Biology III

25th ? 29th July 2010 Universidad de Verano de Adeje, Tenerife, Spain

The third summer school in Data Management for Systems Biology III brought together experimentalists and modellers under a programme that built on the success of previous years, and introduced new hands-on sessions where participants had the opportunity to use their own data and computer models.

The following topics were covered in a series of practical sessions, lectures and discussions. For more details please view the Programme 2010.

Data and Standards:

  • Standard Operating Procedures
    Conceptual modelling and standardisation of wet lab data
  • Systems Biology Mark-up Language

Tools for Systems Biology:

  • Taverna
  • Copasi/Sycamore
  • SabioRK
  • Systems Biology Software Infrastructure
  • Systems Biology Graphical Notation
  • Edinburgh Pathway Editor
  • Cell Designer

No Barriers Session:

  • Data interpretation for modellers
  • Aspects of modelling; fitting models to experimental data
  • Refining model parameters
  • Graphical standards

The summer school programme: Programme 2010


Richard Adams
Centre for Systems Biology at Edinburgh, UK
»email; »website

Yuri Lazebnik
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, US

Olga Krebs
Heidelberg Institute for Theoretical Studies (HITS), Germany
»email; »website; »SysMO-DB

Sven Sahle
Department for modelling of biological processes, BIOQUANT/ Zoology
University of Heidelberg, Germany
»email; »website

Chris Taylor
European Bioinformatics Institute, Hinxton, UK

Katy Wolstencroft
University of Manchester, UK
»email; »SysMO-DB

Katrin Huebner
University of Heidelberg, DE
»email; »website